MCT Lamp

  • authors: Jerzy Łątka, Aleksandra Omiotek, Mikołaj Romanowicz, Joanna Żyłowska

MCT Lamp is a pro-ecological product made in 90% out of recycled materials. It is suitable for both commercial and residential interiors.

Once cut, will never grow such exuberantly

[“Innocence” Wislawa Szymborska]

MCT LAMP  (Modern Christmas Tree).

Designed for small interiors, where light doesn’t have to play utilitarian  role but rather making an atmosphere. The concept of the lamp is coming from Christmas Tree, which in Polish tradition should be brought from a wood every year before Christmas. The MCT Lamp was designed for cozy cafe interiors, modern office spaces as well as residential interiors.

Having in mind mass cutting trees and awareness of that kind of treating natural goods we wanted to show that is possible to obtain another form, we could say reverse form of Christmas Tree (where normal tree has benches, our lamp has holes with points of light), which may make atmosphere as cosy as original tree.

MCT LAMP was made of materials from recycling. Paper tube with diameter 100 mm, thickness of the wall 4 mm and length 2000 mm is normally use to transport foil or textiles. It is a product of recycling itself ( 90% of material used during production comes from recycling).