furniture and interior design

  • authors: Jerzy Łątka, Anna Jakubińska, Aleksandra Omiotek, Joanna Żyłowska, Mikołaj Romanowicz, Katarzyna Drapa, Mariusz Biernacki, Małgorzata Bieńkowska, Alicja Sawicka, Justyna Sielska, Katarzyna Starzak, Karol Mądrecki.
  • date: May 2012
  • Curator of the exhibition: Bartek Lis

The series of furniture made of different types of paper and cardboard connected with other materials. Chairs, armchairs, sofa lamps and table were exhibited in Wroclaw Contemporary Museum in May 2012. The exhibition was a part of the project: Paper as a building material.